Van engulfed in fire by Pamela Peeters


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“Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” Elliott Erwitt


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2021-2022 season is here

We went through some hard times in 2020 and 2021 but hope that the new season will be much kinder to us. Support you club and your newsletter with active participation because we cannot survive without that.

There are several committee positions open such as Salon Committee. If interested in any of these positions, please let Dawn or Lazlo know

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The Housatonic Camera Club show is up at the Housatonic Highschool library.

Get in touch with Pat Vanicky in case you plan to stop by.

The Housatonic Camera Club Landscape Book

is finished. Thank you Jeff Breitman for your hard work on the project, selecting the pictures, putting it altogether, arranging the printing, etc. The book should be in your hands shortly ( if you paid for it) but meanwhile you can download and view a copy ( not the final version) of it

Get in touch with Jeff if you want a copy of the book.

Assigned Topic ( no more than 5 pictures/members )


Photography Tips

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

Dorothea Lange


A few pictures from the "Eyes" assignment. Click on any one of the pictures to see them in full size.


Sad sesl eyes by Jane Rossman

Tonia by Lazlo Gyorsok

Eyes #3 by Ian Peters

Mask by Lazlo Gyorsok

The Stare by Bert Schmitz

Hmmm by Ian Peters

Gull on the nest by Ian Peters

Eye of the forest by Karen McMahon

eyes #3 by Steve Balkin

eyes by Steve Goldberg

Eyes #4 by Ian Peters

Hockey by Brian Wilcox

Eyes reflected by Karen McMahon

Katrina by Lazlo Gyorsok

Eye with dove by Karen McMahon

eyes #2 by Steve Balkin

Bee up close by Karen McMahon

eyes #1 by Steve Balkin

eyes #2 by Ian Peters

Pied Kinfisher's eyes by Ian Peters

Little girl on internet bt Madelon Grobman

Goth beauty By Madelon Grobman

This is fun by Ian Peters

eyes by Ian Peters

Deer eyes by Bert Schmitz

Owl by Dawn Dingee

Animated eyes by Karen McMahon

Painting of bird eyes by Jane Rossman

Butterfly by Karen McMahon

I spy with my little eye by Ian Peters

Body art by Ian Peters

Ivy's eyes by Gail Goldberg

Trike by Dawn Dingee

Bear by Dawn Dingee

eyes #5 by Ian Peters

Olho by Pat Vanicky

Girl with butterfly nose by Karen McMahon

Eye see a dandelion by Karen McMahon

Lense eyes daisy by Karen McMahon

A visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston by Pamela Peeters

R remember that blizzard at the tippy end of January? Well, I happened to be in Boston at that time and it was the perfect moment for taking some dramatic pictures of a wild winter storm. The day before the chaos, all was calm and I choose to spend half a day at the Museum of Fine Arts. What a great decision that was! I started in the Egyptian section and stopped in my tracks frequently as the modernity of some of the pieces were not to be ignored. While I was snapping a picture here and there, I noticed some humor too. If you look closely at the first image, you can see two very tall men and a woman as well as a boy and a girl on a much smaller scale holding on to a leg. The boy is putting a finger to his lips and to me it seemed as if he wasn’t so sure if being in that position was a good place to be. What was he even doing there? I am not sure if I’ll ever have that question answered.

While walking through the museum maze in an organic manner I discovered more humor, compliments of the Belgian artist Michaela Wautier, a “forgotten” female painter from the 17th century, who only recently entered the limelight and this some 400 years after her birth. In her series “the five senses,” one will notice unusual expressions and compositions that I highly recommend exploring for yourself. I decided not to take pictures as sometimes the discovery of something new, that “first time” moment, is THE picture you need to take with your mind, and hold as a memory that will last a lifetime. I will never forget that Boston blizzard moment, a never-ending flow of wild snow that shifted into a very calm sunrise with the perfect orange on the horizon and a repeat of that same color in the tunnel right across of our hotel room window. This is one of the photographs I submitted for the last competition and I will have to wait and see if that picture conveyed the magic I witnessed a couple of weeks ago.

In April, I will go back to Boston and will return to the Fine Arts Museum. If you have a favorite art piece you’d like to have an image of, I can gladly snap a picture for you,. Sometimes you do need to rely on a photographer to create lasting memories!

Pamela Peeters

Walking around Mortensen Riverfront Plaza in Hartford by Lazlo Gyorsok

On President's Day I had a chance to spend two hours to walk around the Hartford Riverfront . The area has gone after a complete re-rejuvenation since the 1980's at it looks absolutely amazing now. I have been there quite a few occasions previously, but this time it was very different. Not sure if it was because of the President's day holiday or due to covid restrictions, the whole area was completely abandoned. I do not think I saw more a dozen people during my two hours walk. It felt very eerie like I was in a dystopian movie . So here are a few pictures from my trip.

Connecticut Science Center. No one in sight

Walkway bridge supporting braces

Reaching up to the sky

The Lone Warrior.

Masked marchers.Science Center.

Travelers building

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