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“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

Dorothea Lange

Last light at canyon lands by Bert Schmitz
Congratulations Bert for 3rd place finish in the last NECCC Pictorial competition.

Webmaster: Lazlo Gyorsok

“Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” Elliott Erwitt


President: TBD

Vice-President: TBD

Treasurer: Dawn Dingee
Membership/Dues: Dawn Dingee

Publicity: Jeff Breitman
Special Events Coordinator: Jeff Breitman
Program Director: Jeff Breitman

Webmaster: Lazlo Gyorsok

Newsletter: Lazlo Gyorsok

Hospitality:Karen Consolago

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Competitions:Bert Schmitz

Salon Committee:
Brian Wilcox
Lazlo Gyorsok
Bill Devoti

Projector Coordinator: Brian Wilcox

Liaison Representatives: PSA - Jane Rossman NECCC - Bert Schmitz

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Our next show

Our next show at the UCC Parish house has been posponed till the pandemic clears up. Till then, stay healthy and learn Photoshop:


Both Jeff and Dawn are stepping down as Co-presidents of the camera club. The club is currently looking for one or more of our members to step in as President. There are several other committee positions open such as VP and Salon Committee. If interested in any of these positions, please let Jeff or Lazlo know

Assigned Topic

Assigned Topic for the next month will be: "Early Spring Flowers"

Some pictures of older buildings submitted by Steve Balkin

“Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.”

Ansel Adams

Photography Tips

The best Luminar tutorial I have seen so far. If you decide to get the program, get it at our honorary member, David's site with discount:DavroFx

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

Dorothea Lange

Changes for the NECCC and PSA competitions by Bert Schmitz

I hope all members had a good summer with lots of great photographs that you will submit for the NECCC and PSA competitions this year. There are some changes for the competitions in this new season, the most important one is the bigger size of the images we can now submit.
Please read the changes below and start preparing your images. For NECCC and PSA competitions, images can now be 1400 pixels in the horizontal direction and 1050 pixels in the vertical direction. Photographs must fit within those dimensions.
Unless your photograph’s proportions are in the exact ratio of 4 to 3, one of these dimensions will be less than the maximum. For example, if you have a vertical photograph, the height will be 1050 pixels, but the width will be significantly less than 1400 pixels. A square photograph will be 1050 pixels by 1050 pixels under these rules. It is suggested (though not a requirement) that entries be saved with the proper amount of compression so that the file size does not exceed 800-1000 KB. If saving from Photoshop, a quality setting of between 7 and 9 is usually sufficient to produce a high quality file. Keeping the file size small makes e-mailing and handling easier. It is strongly suggested that all photographs be converted to the sRGB color space. That color space most closely approximates the capability of monitors and projectors to display color and usually results in the best presentation of your image.
By entering these competitions you give NECCC/PSA permission to reproduce your photographs in connection with the activities and publicity of the NECCC/PSA including display on the NECCC/PSA Internet site. The copyright, however, remains with the photographer and the photographer will receive credit when his/her photograph is used. If you object to this stipulation, please do not enter your photographs.
Once a photograph has been entered by the Housatonic Camera Club into a NECCC Interclub Competition (either pictorial or nature), it may never be entered again. Entering a photograph into the NECCC pictorial category means it may never be entered in the NECCC nature category; also, a photograph entered in the NECCC nature category may never be entered in the NECCC pictorial category. (Note: This rule is for photographs the Housatonic Camera Club sends out to the NECCC competitions, not for the in-house club competition.)
Photographs entered by the Housatonic Camera Club in the NECCC competition, can be also entered in the PSA competition.

Read the instructions how to resize for the web

Here is a short instructions on how to login and vote on the website.

Road trip to Arizona by Nancy Zannini

A travel story

We started our winter RoadTrip in Chicago where the John HancockBuilding was bisected by fog.

Our first stop was Springfield “show -me-state” Missouri where yellow colored the dresses and the 75 year old diner where the town gathered for breakfast.

New Mexico has the best-named town

But Tubac has the best cows,clouds,cowboys and cars.

A visit to the studio of Jacob Elbaz

A couple of weeks back, in the middle of no-winter Jeff, Brian and myself went up to our favorite hunting ground, Hudson, New York.
The initial idea was to take some pictures at the Shanty Town by the Hudson River , which we did ( keep your eyes open for pictures in the next newsletter) but before that we stopped by the studio/gallery of Jacob Elbaz , an Israeli photographer with studios in Israel, New York and Hudson. Fascinating, very friendly fellow and you can see more about his accomplishments on his website here:

Winter Blues

A few pictures from the "Winter Blues" assignment. Click on any one of the pictures to see them in full size.


Back road, Dover Plains by Dawn Dingee

Winter Blues by Lazlo #3

Winter Blues by Lazlo #1

Winter panorama by Jane Rossman

WinterBlues by Steve Balkin #3

Winter Blues by Lazlo #2

Winter morning by Steven Goldberg

Busy Beaver by Dawn Dingee

Winter Blues by Lazlo #4

Winter blues by Jane Rossman

Winter branch in blue ice by Jane Rossman

Winter Blues by Steve Balkin #6

Bleak midwinter by G.A.Mudge

WinterBlues by Steve Balkin #2

WinterBlues by Steve Balkin #1

Winter blues, Silver mountain by Jane Rossman

Ice on a log by Dawn Dingee

Blue blue Sharon Oak shadow dance by G.A.Mudge

Winter blues by Jane Rossman #2

WinterBlues by Steve Balkin #4

Winter Blues by Steve Balkin #5

NECCC Pictorial Competition

P ictures from NECCC Nature Competition , March 2020. Click on any one of the pictures to see them in full size.


NECCC Nature Competition

P ictures from NECCC Nature Competition , March 2020. Click on any one of the pictures to see them in full size.


Downtown NYC by Dawn Dingee

D OWNTOWN NYC by Dawn Dingee

Looking for something to photograph? Looking for a place where the photo opportunities are endless? Downtown NYC is the place to go! With the spring like weather, Rick and I took the train and then subway to lower Manhattan. I must confess that our main goal for the day was not to come away with awesome photos…it was to eat awesome food in Chinatown J I had never been to Chinatown so I wasn’t sure what to expect.
We started out visiting the memorial at the WTC site. Being the typical tourists, we paid the fee to go to the top of the Freedom Tower where we could get a 360 degree view of NYC and NJ from the 102nd floor. Our ticket included a visit to the 911 museum but we both decided we weren’t quite up for that so that will have to wait for another day.
Visiting the memorial pools that cover the original footprints of the twin towers is a sobering experience. The names of 2,983 victims are inscribed on 152 bronze parapets on the memorial pools. Each day, a white rose is placed next to the name of those celebrating a birthday that day. An interesting fact - the names are arranged according to an algorithm, creating "meaningful adjacencies" based on relationships—proximity at the time of the attacks, company or organization affiliations (for those working at the World Trade Center or the Pentagon) and in response to about 1,200 requests from family members. We kept the photos to a minimum when visiting the memorial.

From our Flickr site

Please, click on the images to see the bigger sizes and the slideshow !

Latest Photography News

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